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Skoe Lee On

Man every track Skoe Lee On hops on he goes hard! Certainly nothing changed on his new track Problems & Dollars produced by Crush Hayven. You definitively can hear the passion and hunger he has for music in his rhymes.

Skoe Lee On was born and raised in Hickory NC. He started writing at the early age of 8 to express his internal turmoil. His family was his biggest influence that pushed him into writing and recording. Coming from poverty dealing with the struggles made him want to put his message out so others going thru similar situations/circumstances could relate.

Who are your favorite musicians/artists of influence? Biggie, Pac, NWA, Mobb Deep, Spitta Andretti, Snoop, T.I., BOOSIE, Fabolous, Jadakiss, and the WU-TANG lead me into taking expressive writing more seriously.

What do you think of the music scene in the Carolina’s? Carolina’s music scene is making noise throughout the entire state. A lot of room to grow in my opinion, looking from a bird’s eye view I be tripping over the fact that it’s too many independent chiefs out there that want to clown on other artists in the state. When I look where I aim to go, I want NC to understand that it’s all about networking and securing reach. If we all clown on every artist coming out the state, we limit our growth. North Carolina needs to adopt Atlanta’s perspective when it comes to look out for other artists, because when I make it I don’t care if you got mad clout or not. At the end of the day my angel investor and I aim to secure the heaviest talent in the state and expose them to catch the limelight. Why go to war with artists in your state? Spread the support, acknowledge the hits, and acknowledge the potential that we have here in our state. NC artists need to look after each other, collaborate, promote each other, point blank. CrushHayven, 808KYLEN, e, and FREEWiLL. FATDAVE WOO2x are in my opinion, the hottest upcoming artists in the state. 

Who have you collaborated with?  Credit my collaborations with the engineers, hands down CRUSHHAYVEN, 808KYLEN, and my boy RELLO. All of which I have got the opportunity to get on some of their work, and for that I am forever indebted. Respect to the engineer, and FATDAVE I am aiming to lock in that feature soon!

What are the main inspiration for the lyrics you write?  I aim to deliver a message to the at risk population, anyone that’s had to dive into the streets to make it, the struggles associated with being in the streets, the risks, and consequences relevant. I hope anyone in the audience can listen to my bars and the bars have an affect on them, potentially take my story and grow from it. Reach at risk youth that come from poverty and deliver messages in my music that can help guide them. Help prevent them placing themselves in situations that I have endured.

This young man has a passion/drive for this music and is very gifted. The compassion of wanting to help at risk kids and help guide them is something you do not see everyday and shows the kind of man he is! The music industry is no different from life it is tough! Skoe Lee On you keep your head up and keep pushing and one of these days I might just get a chance to catch you on tour!

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Grammer certainly brings the New York sound down South! When I first heard his tracks it took me back to when Hip Hop was Hip Hop! His lyricism is unparalleled and you will see exactly what I mean on his single OTGodFLow!

Grammer grew up in Scotland Neck NC until the age of 13. He moved up to Staten Island NY where he spent his high school years. Once he finished up school he moved back to NC and settled in Charlotte.

He was exposed to soul music, blues, r&b and the golden era of Hip Hop which all helped shape his style. Some of his music influences consist of Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, TI, and Outkast which certainly could be where his strong lyricism comes from.

How would you describe your style? My style is song driven with a lyrical format. I have to say something when I rap and leave some kind of message.

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write and what separates you from today’s rappers? I try to show the other side of the spectrum meaning I talk about a lot of things most rappers don’t. I talk about what I seen or did the good and the bad.

What other artist have you collaborated with and what would be your dream venue to perform? Tystatz, Derty Den, J Manifest, Numeral 3, Emerald Sarter, Jus K, Razi, Natstar, and DJ Absolute. I would love to perform in Madison Square Garden and the Charlotte Hornets Arena in NC. I’m a Carolina boy at heart but ultimately my goal is to perform in Africa.

With your lyrical talent and accolades such as the winner of the 2017 Rock The Mic Showcase you might want to make sure that passport is up to date! Might just get to do that performance in Africa sooner than you think!

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Playboy The Beast

Playboy The Beast brings  Murder Musick  from the Midwest to the Foothills of NC! I hear a lot of artists say their tracks go hard but man Playboy The Beasts newest single “The Underground King” is on a whole different level!

PTB is a veteran underground artist who has worked with some big names such as King Iso, Stevie Stone, Twisted Insane, Kamikazi, Liquid Assassin, Seed Of 6ix, Enkay 47, Lo Key, C Ray, Z and tons of other up and coming underground artists! He has big plans for the Carolinas and is in the works to hold the first annual Murder Musick festival here. The festival will include artists from his team/label as well as some local talent! Let’s all show PTB some southern hospitality and welcome him to the Carolinas.

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians? Well, I grew up in the Midwest. So of course, Twista, Do Or Die, Bone Thugs and all those OG midwest choppers. Then of course, Pac, Mystikal, Lil Jon and Eastside Boyz and the whole crunk era was probably my favorite era of hip hop. Loved Snoop and DPG growing up as well. I am big metal and classic rock fan as well. Moms ex husband that adopted me was a huge metal head so luckily, I was exposed to that growing up. I think it really influenced my style in a positive way.

How would you describe your own style? I am very versatile and diverse I try to master all styles and forms of hip hop. From the lyricism, punchlines/metaphors, to choppin, with the speed, clear enunciation of every syllable, etc. to storytelling, deep, inspirational and motivational type tracks. I’ve even done horror core albums and tracks but my forte and my personal favorite is the really hype, aggressive music, crunk, meets gangster rap, meets lyricism and chopping, ya know I just have my own style really.

What are the main inspiration for the lyrics you write? Mostly for me music is a release or way to express myself.  Whatever my mood may be at the time so sometimes I may be speaking on past experiences, sometimes I just might be venting or bragging talking shit etc. Really just depends on how I am feeling when I’m writing.

Playboy The Beast is certainly a mix of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Tech N9ne meets Pantera and with his lyrical talent Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Gathering of the Juggalos need to go ahead and get prepared! I know myself and the rest of the Carolinas are certainly ready and waiting to see whats next for you!

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