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Prophet Of The Streets

Prophet Of The Streets brings his story of over coming adversities to life in his new music video B.O.A.T.S. (Biography Of A Tortured Soul). You very rarely come across music anymore that speaks from the heart and is uplifting and this track is just that.

Not only is this track Worldstar’s heat seeker winner for March but it was featured in Mr Petty’s documentary A Day in The Life of Mr. Petty BangBang.

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J.K. The Reaper

So I stumbled across J.K. The Reaper’s soundcloud page today and came across a track called Problems. The track is by Austin Royale and features J.K. The Reaper and Goon Des Garcons who are all based out of North Carolina. They have a very unique style and I had to see what other tracks were out there that managed to slip under my radar. I then ran across Body Bag.

I hate to admit I am late on this one but definitely will be keeping my eye out on these three artists as should you!

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