Austin France aka Mr Barz

You just never know when or where you will run across hidden talent. Austin France aka Mr Barz is Mt. Airy’s hidden gem and it is his time to shine which he certainly does on his new track Xann King.

Austin started writing in 10th grade but never recorded anything until he was out of school. His inspiration for his lyrics comes from wanting to prove you do not have to rap just about extreme violence and money to make a good track. Austin has collaborated with Z-Wave from Canada on a few tracks and they both are putting in work.

With dreams to perform at the BET awards Mr Barz proves he has the potential to possibly one day just do!

Mr. Rozzi

We all know Beyonce and Jay-Z but watch out NC has its own power couple in the making with Vanessa Ferguson and Mr. Rozzi. Vanessa Ferguson showcased her vocal talent on NBC’s show The Voice in 2017 and Mr. Rozzi has been involved in the music scene since 87.

Mr. Rozzi’s recent video Let Me Do Mi Thing brings the underground hip hop to life. He delivers his unique subject matter in his verses with ease and smoothness.

But if you think they are one dimensional get ready because they are also working on a short film called HANZ FRANZ from LEMANS. Looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for us in the near future!