DatGuy Kush

When I first came across this song man it hit straight to the heart! DatGuy Kush’s track What’s Up has that Beanie Sigel – Feel It In The Air vibe.
“I owe it all to the dirt road, Every pot hole was an obstacle
I learned to dodge some but some you got to walk thru, Mud on my duck boots _____ you don’t know what I been thru

DatGuy Kush grew up in the small town of Whiteville NC but currently resides in the Port City of Wilmington. He describes his style as raw and real and he is himself not out here faking being something he’s not. I asked about his inspiration for his lyrics and he replied “Where i’m from dreams ain’t really something you grab hold to…my main reason for doing music is that maybe someone hears my story and they relate and understand that they ain’t alone!”

His biggest influence and favorite musician is HOV. “The fact that he has been putting out music for all these years and still creating is amazing.” He also has dreams of selling out the Madison Square Garden like HOV.
DatGuy Kush hold on to those dreams got to remember where HOV is from: ” I’m up the block, round the corner, and down the street From where the Pimps, Prostitutes, and the Drug Lords meet ” and we all see where he is today!

Check out DatGuy Kush’s new EP All That Smoke on youtube!

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Traylo E$ko

Born and raised in Hickory Traylo E$ko’s describes his style as “Unique As Fuck” and I definitely have to agree with that. Check out 427 featuring another NC artist e.

I had to find out where his musical influence came from and Traylo had a lot to say bout that! “My Brothers, I got a team full of GOATs. It ain’t an artist that you can put us in front of that we don’t have somebody for. Them boys keep my head straight in and out the music, but when it comes down to the music they DEFINITELY my influences. Shout out to e, Dex, Wrexkit, $teelo and Jay$koo the whole 1217, Love yall.”

Traylo has collaborated with his brothers mentioned above and several other artist such as Santii the Goat, Yumz, Fat Guy Frank, FDW BayBay so you definitely will be hearing more from him.

His dream venue to rock out would be Coachella and Madison Square Garden’s. He has always wanted to go to a performance at either place but hasn’t. Maybe his first time going will be his own performance!

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Austin Royale – AU$X

Ran across this track Problems by Austin Royale featuring J.K. The Reaper and Goon Des Garcons a few weeks back! I spent the rest of the day digging through their soundcloud accounts because you could tell they had something unique!

Austin Royale was born and bred in Durham, NC. He is not only an artist but a producer and engineer as well. I asked him about some of his favorite venues and you could see him light up!

Cat’s Cradle, where I had one of my biggest shows opening for Denzel Curry. A lot of dope memories there, getting invited to various shows as well as a guest and meeting Joey Bada$$, Boogie, etc. Has been the local home to so much greatness. 
The Roxy (LA) Really music lovers know.
The Observatory (Orange County) I love their stage and their turn-outs, kids really rage there. Got to see a few homies do their thing but I never rocked the mic there though. 

To find out more about Austin Royale and his upcoming performances LINKTREE.

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