Chris Nasty In The Studio

Chris Nasty In The Studio

I am not sure what is going on in Hickory NC but I am going to have to get out there soon to find out! Every time I turn around I come across another talented individual from the city and Chris Nasty is certainly just that! The first time I heard his producers tag Ewww Chris Is Nastyy was on Santii and Yumz Awkwords track Banjo. Right then I knew he had some versatility in his creative process because not many can blend Hip Hop with Country so gracefully! Check out Skippa Da Flippa track Roots produced by Carolina’s own Chris Nasty!

Chris Nasty was born in Hickory NC and later moved to Newton. At the age of 18 he returned back to Hickory. Growing up his father introduced him to all kinds of music from Chicago, NWA, to Merle Haggard. His father helped him develop an ear for good music.

Musically who are your biggest influences and who are your favorite artists?  I would have to say my biggest influences when it comes to beat making is Southside , TM88 and Iceberg. Some of my favorite artists are Gunna , Skippa Da Flippa , HoodRich Pablo Juan , and The Backend Child NoCap.

Who are some of the artists producers you have collaborated with? I’ve collabed with My brother Iceberg (Produced Pop out by Polo G), Ricky P (Wiz Khalifa’s Producer), Crush Hayven , 3LTheGod , Reekap of 808 Mafia, Slime FreeBandz , SephGotWaves , Frodoe of Havin Entertainment , Kez Gone, SwamiQ of Havin Entertainment . I’ve got songs with Skippa Da Flippa , Iann Dior, 2Chainz, NoCap, MoneyBo, and FDW Bay Bay.

What are the main inspirations for your productions? The main inspiration for my production is making music that gives people different emotions . To one person it might mean one thing but to another it can give off a whole other vibe ,its super crazy.

How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as unique . I’m very known for the way i can make my drums hit . I make a lot of different types of sounding music . It really just depends on the vibe I’m feeling that day. One day I might want to make some down south 808 Mafia type music , or another day I might wanna make some melodic Hendrix sounding type music.

In what ways has your newest productions changed from when you first started? My whole sound has did a 180 flip. I just taught myself how to have an ear for music . Taught myself music theory so I could make my own melodies . Then I taught myself how to mix my drums so they knock perfectly.

Who would be a dream artist you would like to work with? My dream artist to work with would have to be Future. Hands down , i feel like i make a lot of similar sounding music that he would flow so good on

You can not deny Ewww Chris Is Nastyy on the beats! Future if you watching…and local artists reach out and collaborate with this uprising producer! I for one will be keeping an eye out to see what else the future holds for this young man!